Step by step guide for effective & fraud free online AGM & EGM for stratified community ( JMB & MC )

1. GET INFORMATION Setup the meeting
Submit meeting details

Admin/Manager Upload details to VOTE Team by jmbmalaysia :
1. Building Details
2. Homeowner Database
( a ) Eligible
( b ) Proxy
( c ) Observers
3. Meeting Agenda, Documents, Voting Questionnaire 

Get the system running

VOTE Team will setup the system based on your details. It will normally takes 3 - 5 working days. Then, hey will carried out one practice session with the managers & committee ( 30 minutes / session )

3. NOTIFY THE OWNERS Pre-meeting preparation
Email & Sms Blasting

VOTE System will blast Email & SMS to all respective owners on the meeting room details

4. VOTER LOGIN Pre-meeting preparation
Voter Enter To Meeting Hall

From the meeting hall, voter can login to meeting room using their respective login username & password we sent to them earlier.

Room is divided into 2:
1. Eligible & Proxy Room
2. Observer Room 

5. CASTING VOTES During the meeting
For eligible owner & proxy only

Only eligible & proxy voter can join the zoom meeting & cast a vote via the eligible & proxy room..

Observer room will have access to only agenda, document & live meeting streaming.

5.1 ADD ADDITIONAL VOTING ITEM During the meeting
Add Hoc Polls

If there is any item that is missing from the agenda which require a new poll, admin/manager can request a creation of new poll to VOTE team via zoom. (It will take approximately 1 minutes to get that done )
VOTE team will be joining the meeting over zoom during the meeting.

6. SHOWING RESULT During the meeting
Live Graphs Results

Vote team will help to show result via zoom share screen

Access by anyone.

7. LOGS & REPORTS After the meeting
Fraud Prevention

When meeting ended, VOTE team will export a CSV files with all the voting logs & email to participant for records.

The logs will include data like at what time, who cast a vote to which poll .


We help eliminate fraud by helping your JMB | MC to manage all the voting backend . No one else can access or edit any result . all log recorded live. 

By signing up you agree to the terms of service.

Setup Resources 

Please download and submit all the 3 files below for us to setup the system for you.
System Setup Data Templates
Owner Database Excel /Csv Download

Agenda Setting Templates


Small Room Demo
Delux Room Demo
Large Room Demo 
Email Templates 

Other Downloads

Zoom Meeting
Youtube Live
Voting System 
Screen share livestreaming 
Speed Tester 



Your purchase of the meeting plan will also help fund our team to provide more solutions for The JMB & MC Community In Malaysia. 

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